Michaela + Ondra


Another love story full of love on my blog. After contact by e-mail and a few phone calls we all met at a pre-wedding meeting. As I repeat, I always look forward to meeting future newlyweds. If the distance does not allow it, today we use technologies where we use the Internet and other modern conveniences. In a personal meeting we have time to discuss all the details of the whole wedding day. This is really important because there is no time for it on the wedding day. I will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you when is the best time to shoot together. It was a beautiful summer day and I started taking pictures from the early morning hours. Then we moved to the bride where we were all waiting for the arrival of Ondra and his family. The ceremony and mass was held in a nearby church in Ujezdec. The wedding reception was in the beautiful Slovacka pub in Hradcovice. The establishment of the pub dates back to 1416 and has a rich history. There was the first distillery of plum brandy and pine, brandy and liqueurs were produced here. Alcohol was exported to the imperial court even to Great Britain. There are many nice places and corners  where the wedding guests can sit both indoors and outdoors. After lunch, slicing the cake and the first dance … we all took the time to make a wedding photo shoot when the sun was beautiful just before sunset. What is called golden hour among photographers.

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On July 17, 2019

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