David Brandenberger


Maybe you have seen him either when he was walking through the streets of Uherský Brod with his long beard and Cowboy hat or even when he was riding on his Solatrike. The speech is of the Swiss traveler David Brandenberger who came several times to Uherský Brod to test a special vehicle for his world trip. His idea is to travel as far as he can – at least around the world – with a Pedelec Trike that is powered by solar panels, so he will be independent of power sources. Who else can build such a vehicle better, than the ones who had successful done a race over 7000km with exactly such a vehicle, he asked himself. That’s why he came to AZUB Bike in Uherský Brod, where they are specialized in recumbent bikes and Trikes. All the experience that the Czech Team, Honza Galla and Karel Šebela, made on their journey in 2013 they could use to build the Solatrike II. Even some parts of the original race vehicle could be reused. David Brandenberger feels blessed in founding people who are skilled in building tricycles and have the knowledge of using solar power. He speaks of bad experience he made with the first Solatrike of a different manufacturer which broke down after 500km. But with the new Solatrike made by AZUB Bike, he did already a longer test round of 3500km riding from here through Poland, Eastern Germany and back to the Czech Republic. You can enjoy the outstanding photos of this trip on his Website: www.d-t-b.ch where is a lot of more information about his Solatrike and a blog as well inside. . David Brandenberger.


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On October 8, 2015

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