Trash the Dress photo shoot at the Beach Club.


Brides always make a big effort to keep their wedding dresses in tip top shape for the big day. But once that day is over, many women are choosing to do something fun with the dress. After the wedding, don’t miss the opportunity of having a great trash the dress photo session!  It’s important to find a photographer that you trust and that is experienced in this style of photo shoots. The photo shoot gives the bride an opportunity to let go of all of the wedding stress. There are all sorts of ways a bride can choose to trash her dress. Paint, mud, wine, fire, wedding cake and a swim. If you love the idea but aren’t willing to or can’t afford to sacrifice your wedding dress, consider buying a more affordable pre-owned dress or even a formal white dress. This will allow you enjoy your Trash the Dress photo shoot while preserving your wedding dress in it’s original form. From my experience it’s always a lot of fun. Would you like to try it too?

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On March 17, 2019

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