Wedding day of Petra and David in a spa town Luhačovice.


My next blog post is Petra and David’s wedding. If you are watching this site, you could see pictures of this couple in winter time.  Pre wedding photo session  in a beautiful place of the White Carpathians. I can only recommend this photo shoot. As I wrote the photographer and the upcoming wedding couple  can talk and discuss every detail of the wedding day and still take some beautiful pictures. The wedding was located in the spa town of Luhačovice, which is the fourth largest spa in the Czech Republic and Moravia. The ceremony took place at the spring Ottovka. It is one of the most famous springs in Luhačovice. The weather was pleasant from early morning, but it showed rain in the afternoon on the radar. The forecast came out this time and it started to rain after ceremony, but Petra and David said yes already and we all moved to the wedding reception. After the rain, we walked through the spa town a and took some nice pictures. The rain not only helped us to clear the air but also the colonnade where dozens of spa guests go through daily. I have to say thank to the newlyweds and the weather to helped us get these nice photos. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice day.

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On July 27, 2019

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