Wedding day of Ivana and Martin.


Another  Saturday wedding  with Ivana and Martin. With this couple I took pictures of pre-wedding photos and if you watch my block regularly so a few weeks ago I photographed the wedding of her sister Petra. Yes, two sisters got married a few weeks in a row. It might seem that everything was going the same way, but as you can see on this blog, each wedding was completely different. In the morning I started in the same house where Ivana and her sister were preparing but the next hours were in the following order. Everything went like this. 1 Hair treatment. 2 Visit at the beautician. 3 Dressing up for a wedding dress. 4 Ceremony in the church in Pozlovice. 5 Wedding reception in the hotel Pohoda in Luhačovice. 6   Dance and traditional wedding habits. For photographing the wedding couple I choose a similar location but the resulting photos are totally different, because I always try to be creative and not to shoot the same photos. I would like to  thank Ivana and Martin for being part of their wedding day and wish them the best in their  life together.

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On August 21, 2019

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