Marie + Jan + Aygo.


The first snowy photo shoot in December  2019. Photography is sometimes about luck and after reading this post you will understand what I mean. With Marie, Jan and a Hungarian dog named Aygo we planned a pregnancy photo shoot at Mikulčin Hill in the White Carpathians. This location is located about 20 km from Uherský Brod. Earlier this week the weather forecast predicted rain and temperatures above freezing. On Friday the day before the scheduled shooting took place and Lopeník attacked the first snow this year. On Saturday morning the outdoor temperature showed positive values ​​and the weather was not very favorable. There was no sights around Uherský Brod after the snow. But I did not want to wait because Marie and Jan arrived from Hradec Králové and this distance to the place where we took these photos is over 220 km. I decided not to wait because the weather showed warming the next day. Upon arrival at Mikulčin hill where everything was still frostbitten and covered with snow, I immediately saw that the location in which I take pictures looks like a fairy tale. Here is the proof on my blog that I have prepared for you. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day.

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On December 12, 2019

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