Wedding day of Andrea and Rudolf in Velehrad.


Another beautiful wedding, this time from around Velehrad. As is well known, Velehrad is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic. Preparations, wedding reception and entertainment were in one place. The ceremony took place in a nearby church on Modrá. It is a small stone church of St. John, which is a hypothetical replica of a Great Moravian church from the 9th century. Andrea wanted to take photos from morning preparations to evening entertainment. Everything took place at the Hotel Mlýn, which is located near the famous basilica. I can only recommend places like this hotel. If it is possible to have everything under one roof, then it is not only an advantage for a photographer who can photograph the preparation of the bride but also has time for the groom, bridesmaids, family …. It is also much easier for all wedding guests. This wedding was full of smiles, joys as you can see on my blog.

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On September 13, 2020

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