Wedding day of Magda and Pavel in Boršíce.


Wedding day of Magda and Pavel in Boršíce. It was such a family wedding. Personally, I approach each wedding so that each is similar but each is original. And I really enjoy that. The number of guests does not matter, I always try to satisfy the wedding guests as much as possible. Boršice is a small village but there are nice locations for photography. The owners of the restaurant have horses nearby, there are vineyards and a beautiful view of Buchlov Castle. The ceremony took place near a restaurant by a small pond. Lunch, afternoon reception, first dance, cake slicing and fun all in one place. There are a lot of animals from guinea pigs, goats, geese to horses. ideal place for visiting families with children. If you don’t want to cook on the weekend, this is a place I would really recommend. Kids will definitely love it here.

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On November 2, 2020

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